Goo's Migration is Done!

Just a quick update from Vegas!

The migrations and FS syncs are done.  Deletions are happening properly in the database, indexer is up and running happily.  Welcome to Goo 2.0.  Developer signups are open once more.

We've moved to a GlusterFS based system that will allow for heavy scaling of goo in the future as needed.  We currently are running: 2x public servers, 2x donator servers, 1x gapps server (Ramdisks are love!).  We're still letting all the hardware fully settle in, but should be up and going.  The donator servers (Unsurprisingly) are usually the fastest of the bunch, but everything's at the same speed for now.  We're possibly looking at rate-limiting, or connection limiting the public servers in the future, but we'll see how it all goes.  Keep in mind, all servers are configured to handle 1k concurrent connections at the moment, and an inability to download or connect is likely the server being completely full.


Post updated on 12-15-2013
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